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6 Illawarra Crescent North
Ballajura, WA 6066
(cnr of Alexander Drive)


Dental Implants & More in Ballajura

6 Illawarra Crescent North
Ballajura, WA 6066
(cnr of Alexander Drive)
Before and after a dental implant operation in Ballajura

    Cosmetic Dentistry in Alexander Heights

     Also Serving Ballajura and the Surrounding Perth Area

    At Alexander Heights Dental Care, we believe that everyone is entitled to his or her dream smile. Our practice is one of few specialists in denture fabrication and teeth whitening. We can help you create a smile to be proud of that will capture the attention of everyone you meet.

    What sets us apart?

    Our cosmetic dental treatments ensure that any changes fit with the shape and appearance of your teeth. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. Instead we try to ensure that all our cosmetic work looks as natural as possible. 

    Before and after a dental implant operation in Alexander Heights

    Dental Implants

    Do you often hide your smile because of missing teeth? Are you having difficulty biting and chewing? We have the solution for you. Using the latest dental technology and materials, we are able to easily create and fit natural looking implants.

    Made of biocompatible titanium, our implants easily fuse with bone and stay firmly in place. They also look and feel like your natural teeth, so you can forget that you had ever lost a tooth in the first place.

    In addition to implants, we also provide high quality:

    • Crowns
    • Dentures
    • Bridges

    Before you know it, you’ll be taking every photo opportunity available.

    Alexander Heights Dental Care Invisalign Ad


    We are one of the few providers of Invisalign in the Perth area, helping patients with bite problems and misaligned teeth improve their appearance and functionality.

    Invisalign is a cost-effective alternative to metal braces, providing increased comfort and convenience whilst straightening teeth. The treatment involves the use of clear plastic aligners that are so discreet no one will know that you are even wearing them. Easy to remove and clean, Invisalign is the perfect alternative to old-fashioned braces. Forget about painful rubbing. Our dentists will take impressions of your teeth and fabricate each aligner for maximum comfort and security. 

    Book an appointment with a member of our team today on 08 9249 8088.

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