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6 Illawarra Crescent North
Ballajura, WA 6066
(cnr of Alexander Drive)


6 Illawarra Crescent North
Ballajura, WA 6066
(cnr of Alexander Drive)

Fast and Affordable Emergency Dentist in Ballajura

 Also Serving Ballajura, Landsdale and the Surrounding Perth Area

Suffering from dental pain? Need dental treatment today?
At Alexander Heights Dental Care, we offer emergency dental care for patients who have urgent dental needs. 

Superior emergency service

When you have damaged your teeth, you need to be sure your dentist will provide care as fast as possible to reduce the pain and possibility of further injury. As a patient of Alexander Heights Dental Care, we will prioritise your treatment and have a dentist with you as soon as possible.

We have all the necessary equipment to treat a variety of emergency dental situations, from broken and cracked teeth to root canals and abysses. 

Sedation dentistry

Our dentists are highly trained and take every precaution to minimise discomfort. We also understand that many people are anxious when visiting their dentists. Sedation allows nervous patients to receive care in a safe environment without anxiety or pain.

Our qualified anaesthetist can administer intravenous sedative medication to induce a dream-like sleep during your appointment. The whole procedure will be carried out and completed before you wake up. In most cases, you can go home straight away.

If you need emergency dental treatment now, call Alexander Heights Dental Care 08 9249 8088.

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